Youtube Is Tweaking Its Comments Policy To Stop People From Drawing Pornographic Pictures [the Brief]

Beard trim at Astor barber shop

TheEuropean Commission published a set of recommendations for stricter privacy protections in the wake of the ongoing revelations coming from the National Security Administration’s data leaks. Former TBWA\Chiat\Day New York creative chief Mark Figliulo is working with Team Sprint from his new creative agency, Figliulo & Partners .
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YouTube confirms commenting woes, promises to make interactions better

Did you know that? There are so many violent films on there and they dont even check your age or ask for your email address before you watch them. Related Articles Counsellor of imperfection 17 Nov 2013 We actually got a lot of hits because people were curious: How come they banned this video? Is Penelope Cruz perverted? I dont mind. Id rather be called a pervert for that than the violence they allow teenagers to watch. The film, Cruzs directorial debut, stars her husband, the actor Javier Bardem. Since its release in August, it has been viewed more than 1.3 million times on YouTube.
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Penelope Cruz: YouTube censored my underwear advert

Penelope Cruz: YouTube censored my underwear advert

Penelope Cruz attends a special screening of

[…]it also introduced new opportunities for abuse and shortly after the launch, we saw some users taking advantage of them”. So, basically, not even Google+ could rid YouTube of all the pesky spammers, even though it theoretically should have tremendously improved upon this. The video-sharing site has not stopped at the aforementioned admission, as some changes were announced as well. YouTube says that the new commenting system now better recognizes bad links and impersonation attempts, improves ASCII detection (the use of ASCII generated some interesting “art” — as YouTube calls it) and changes the way long comments are shown. Still, even these improvements will not remove some of the issues that were introduced alongside the new system. Basically, it is also broken but we are going to have to live with this one from now on.
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YouTube confirms commenting woes, promises to make interactions better –

YouTube’s Android app code hints at ‘Music Pass’ service

Thanks to the code-uncovering excellence of Android Police, we have more information on what to expect from YouTube’s music streaming service. Reports that the world’s biggest online video site was planning to move into mobile music first surfaced a month ago when Billboard magazine claimed a service was in the works that would compete with Spotify and would stream music videos rather than just audio tracks. Code contained within the latest version of the YouTube for Android app hints that the service will be called Music Pass and, as suggested by Billboard, will support offline playback — i.e., it will buffer tracks and cache them on a device so no internet connection is required. Other code-based discoveries include the option to stream video tracks in 360p or semi-high-definition 720p, that there will be an ad-free option and that tracks stored to a device will be accessible for up to 48 hours.
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Clues about YouTube’s music streaming service

The Google-owned site recently announced its plans to launch a subscription music service of its own and the code with the Android app can help YouTube achieve just that. According to The Verge, a Music Pass service would offer unlimited streaming, offline syncing, background playback, and no ads on millions of songs.
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