Youtube Finally Steps In To Moderate Content Partner Vs Mcn Disputes

Transphobic YouTube video goes viral


Clicking on this link will start the process of documented communication between the creator and their MCN. It isn’t a one-click get out for either party, but it will set the wheels in motion. SEE ALSO: YouTube And Disney Partner To Create Original Content YouTube are also asking MCN’s to be more honest and transparent about what they can offer the content partner in terms of benefits, support and added value. At the very least they must offer the following to any content partners that sign up to them: YouTube also confirm that they are prepared to take action against MCNs that do not meet these standards and will consider terminating any partnership bewteen themselves and an MCN if the network consistently fails to comply. One of YouTube’s biggest stars, and Revision 3 exec and partner, Phil deFranco , took to YouTube yesterday to give his opinion on the new guidelines, particularly in relation towards those MCNs who sign up creators to make up the numbers.
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YouTube Finally Steps In To Moderate Content Partner Vs MCN Disputes

Sign in Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to dislike David WalshOnline’s video. Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add David WalshOnline’s video to your playlist. Becoming a YouTube Partner is very easy. The issue with this is that what people believe they get when they become a Partner is different than what they actually get… Becoming a YouTube Partner has a lot of advantages, even under the current setup.
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What Is the YouTube Partner Program? | YouTube Programs

YouTube partner program is a way that YouTube compensates video creators for their creativity. They do that by running advertisements alongside people’s videos, and they share the majority of that advertisement revenue with the creator. The best candidates for the partner program tend to be folks who create original material. So YouTube is definitely not looking for people ripping videos off of television or doing necessarily remixes and mash-ups. Not that that stuff’s not interesting, but really the partner program is made out for original videos. So if you are an animator who does your own animations and your own music, you’d be a great candidate for the YouTube partner program. If your a songwriter who writes their own songs and makes their own videos, you’re also a great candidate. In some cases people just share their lives, they do video blogs and just kind of connect with people around the world, and those folks are also eligible for the partner program. The partner program started in 2007.
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YouTube To Step In On Partner / Multi-Channel Network Management

The law doesnt take effect until January, but already the backlash is fierce. Pacific Justice Institute views the new law as an invasion of privacy for other teens rather than an attempt to promote equality. Things are meant to be private and kept for you and only for you, one student asserts on the groups recently uploaded YouTube video. Judging from the response to the video, however, the teens onscreen come across as being the bullies, not the victims. Several of them speak of socially ostracizing the teenager, and one refuses to use the bathroom until shes in a separate gym class. A parent speaks of having their own rights taken away, while another speaks of protecting his children from the transgender teen the way he would protect them from an electrical outlet. Referring to the transgender student, one tear-stricken parent asks, Why cant we teach him to respect others? The rate of attempted suicide among transgender teens is alarmingly highroughly 25 to 30 percent higher than other at-risk demographics.
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How To Become A YouTube Partner 2013

The MCN will presumably still have the final say if the channel is free to go. The link will simply start a streamlined process that will hopefully result in more timely and less litigious partings of ways. YouTube will also implement initiatives that will require networks to provide more transparency about their value proposition and benefits to both YouTube and their creators. Its a big move by YouTube to make sure MCNs are behaving properly and its going to have interesting ramifications for the industry.Among the benefits, the added value by a network will now have to be made clear and easy to find. In order for an MCN to be able to operate, YouTube deems they must offer such things as dedicated partner management, technology/tools, production facilities, promotion, channel optimization, advertising sales support, and/or other services. Disputes between networks and creators are now becoming a bit more public than they once were (or maybe its just that more people are now interested in the news), so networks will need to keep partners happy by making sure anything promised is delivered and delivering on many of the benefits outlined in the language above. This action may also require networks to be more selective and focused on the type of creators they partner, as it would enable them to streamline the added value they can offer creators. It isnt easy to create a scalable solution for channels that cover multiple genres, but by focusing on one genre, it could make support processes, sales, promotion, and more much easier to deliver and more cost effective. On the downside, this may lead to an increase in poaching . As Ive written before, poaching can have a negative effect on both networks and creators. YouTubes new features may not necessarily make it easier for a creator to get out of a contract, but it could help to accelerate some departures.
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Hong Kong YouTube stars turn their self-made celebrity into online careers

Her YouTube appearances have won her a slot on Now TV’s Chef’s Corner, raising her exposure ahead of the Day Day Cook app launch and a food e-commerce site that is in the pipeline. “In Hong Kong, it’s not easy to start something like this, especially if you’re serious about making a lot of money,” she says. “People here have only just started to realise that online advertising is important, compared with those living overseas.” Still, Chen sees growth in the region.
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