Avoid Jargon Within Explanations If It’s Not Understood

~ @DavidFrerker Teaching is good, but teach something specific, unique, that they cant find all over the internet. Value is critical! Dont talk down to readers. Blog posts should provide valuable info, but dont assume readers are dumb. ~ @AHalbers Be sure to cite your sources and use appropriate links to them. ~ @IllumeofAZ Targeting your posts is critical.
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Hopefully, you identified how youll measure your marketing campaigns success when you created your business blog marketing plan. If not, work them out now and keep track on a regular basis so you can adjust your tactics as needed. For example, if you have more than one giveaway youre offering to get people on a list, check the sign-ups and conversion rates on each one on a daily basis. If one is converting higher than the other, try to figure out why. When you know the why, adjust the other sites so they convert better.
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Parents of children with special needs, for example, have found it offers connection with others in similar circumstances: to share information and support; to agitate for change. Other communities have grown up around mutual enthusiasms; the resurgence of crafting has been powered by the proliferation of blogs which celebrate, rather than sneer at, traditional female pastimes. Without these networks, its unlikely crafting could have pulled off the rare trick of being simultaneously mainstream, and hip. Big brands have had to listen to us Blogs have become the go-to resource for anyone wanting to develop their skills, or try their hand at something new and theyre rapidly pushing more established sources of expertise out of the market.
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We will promote your post on Twitter, Facebookand in our Newsletter Your posts can be from either a business blogging or personal blogging angle however must relate to a CHRISTMAS THEME or New Year Theme. Direct sales pitch posts will not be accepted however… …there are lots of ways you can use an engaging guest blog to indirectly promote your business and links to your site or sales page and social media ARE allowed within the post. Here are some ideas for things to blog about… Christmas Craft Ideas,Childrens Christmas Games / Activities,Christmas Food and Drink,Christmas Recipes,Christmas Novellas,Christmas Holidays,Coping with Christmas,Wellbeing at Christmas,Helping, Others At Christmas,Perfect Christmas Outfits,A Stress Free Christmas… and lots more! CONTACT US by email at about submitting a guest post now!
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So I use analogies. I explain using everyday words to get my point across, andI also use them to reinforce a point in another way to get my listeners to understand. For example, I was explaining what FTP is to Dianne, my work colleague, and how I use itwith websites. I also tried to explain howI change the appearance of WordPress blogs to suit corporate styles. For Dianne it would normally be uncomprehensible,so Iwantedto simplify things so she could understand. Here is my explanation (any technical people reading this may not agree with my analogy, but remember this is not meant for you!): I consider FTPas a wardrobe,in whichyoustore clothes.
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