YouTube: for Small Business

Forbes magazine says that YouTube creates over a billion views every day. To put that in perspective, in the time it goes to finish reading this page YouTube users will view around a quarter of a million videos.

An audience this size-is difficult to ignore. In our work with customers we looked for studies about this audience and what one can do to reach it as part of the marketing program. When we established there was little that has been printed we decided to create it. After all, Entertainment Media Research was set up over a decade ago by the previous head of music info for MTV Europe with the belief that the coming digital revolution would bring together the worlds of promotion and entertainment.

The key marketing target is always to reach a viral impact through user recommendation or “word of mouse.” That is much easier said than done so we detail why and how people come to today, how this is changing and what are their primary reasons as the demographic use mix inevitably changes. We identify the most famous types of video by demographic and we review the controllable and noncontrollable variables that affect viewing of a reference particular video.

Throughout the report we share key insights on how best to utilize your advertising skills to whilst pointing out where the fundamental principles still apply. People or businesses who buy your goods or service will still buy for the same reasons they always have. The marketing research you have done about messages and significant gains will still be useful; simply the environment of YouTube will be different.

On YouTube, video is essential. You’ll therefore find methods to use video to support sales and service, communicate advantages, and build awareness. On YouTube, word of mouse is vital and the community is in control. We understand that integrated marketing programs that tie YouTube marketing efforts to other marketing and branding efforts are typically the most successful so well demonstrate how best to ease the process.

With quantitative research skills and entertainment expertise we serve media, entertainment and consumer businesses all over the world from our base in London and are so ideally positioned to study the impact and opportunities that YouTube has begun to offer. We started by undertaking a comprehensive audit of use, attitudes, and preferences of YouTube users in a robust online survey of 1,758 US residents. The sample was then weighted to the representation of the US on-line people. We then employed the findings from this proprietary research to inform our YouTube User Guide and in doing so, remove wherever possible assumption from the advertising process. YouTube Revealed: a marketer’s guide to understanding and creating the most out of

Our primary object in writing this report is to help marketers sharpen their understanding of the YouTube occurrence, get the marketing implications and flatten the learning curve to getting this knowledge to highly successful use. The User Guide therefore combines thorough practical guidance

We move on to review the styles of typical YouTube sessions. We cover what the “Watch Page” looks like along with advertisements possibilities to make sure you receive the most out of the available feedback. We examine what company website happens after a YouTube visitor has viewed a video and after that recommend how you ought to structure your content to use this trend and optimize your opportunities for branding and engagement.

Much has been made in the main-stream media about the YouTube community. We protect some of the methods that marketing within this community is distinctively different. We will indicate to you that brand stations are an efficacious way to concentrate your advertising efforts on YouTube. In our chapter on channels we look at the place of channels on YouTube now and how to get your brand channels work most effectively. We review what some of your choices are nowadays and what users think of promotion on Those options are bound to shift as YouTube seeks ways to make the site profitable.

at the functional How To level, with strategic thinking and background information. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find in the User’s Guide. YouTube is already a place where so we begin with a review of how YouTube was started and developed many types of businesses are starting to market their wares. But YouTube is developing fast, as shifting demographics and evolving possibilities make it a place that is a lot more attractive to marketers of all types. Of course, teens and young adults are the dominant users right now but they are far from the entire story. We fully expect YouTube to change to such a degree that over the following three years its demographics will more closely fit the online population as a whole. Every marketing – driven company needs to understand this market-place and how best to utilize it before its competitors.

YouTube offers advertising challenges and opportunities for everybody. Giant companies like 3M, Nestle, and IBM are already using it as section of the marketing and so are individual service firms. Whether it’s the mass market or the farthest end of a long tail, you really have the opportunity to derive important marketing advantages from YouTube. Since there are special challenges for corporations and different markets, we offer suggestions on the best way to adapt your use of YouTube for different kinds of businesses. There are chapters for B2B marketers and smaller businesses together with chapters on methods to use YouTube to improve your relationship with existing clients and approaches to use YouTube for marketing research.


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